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God Surprised Me
Gospel Accompaniment Track

By: The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

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  • Soundtrack Browsing Tips
    How to use our online catalog to find the Gospel Soundtrack song title and Christian Accompaniment Track music CD you need

  • How to Use Soundtracks
    A guide to and explaination of how to use Gospel Soundtracks and Christian Accompaniment Tracks

  • Microphones for the Gospel Singer
    Using Christian Accompaniment Tracks A Simplified Understanding of Microphones for the Singer

  • About Accompaniment Tracks
    A definition of Gospel Soundtracks, Christian Accompaniment Tracks, what they are and how to use them.

  • Gospel & Christian Split Tracks
    Using the special Split Tracks format of Gospel Soundtracks and Christian Accompaniment Tracks - A practical guide for using Split Tracks

  • Children's Church Ministry
    Using Gospel Soundtracks and Accompaniment Tracks for Children's Church, Youth Ministry and Children Ministry for the Church Music Director and Minister of Music

  • Country Gospel & Bluegrass
    Using Gospel Soundtracks for the Country Gospel and Christian Bluegrass singer and music group

  • Southern Gospel Music
    A guide to using Gospel Soundtracks and Accompaniment Tracks specifically for Southern Gospel Singers and Southern Gospel Ministries

  • Wedding Accompaniment Music
    Using accompaniment tracks and Accompaniment Soundtracks for weddings and the wedding ceremony

  • Daywind Soundtracks
    Secrets of Daywind Gospel Soundtracks and why this trusted name brand Christian Accomapniment Tracks brand is of such high quality

  • Downloading Music Tracks
    Why an instant download of Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Gospel Soundtracks downloads are inferior to CD audio studio quality accompaniment tracks

  • Search for Gospel Tracks
    Searching tips for finding Gospel Soundtracks songs in our online catalog of Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Gospel Soundtracks

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    The Christian Soundtracks and Gospel Accompaniment tracks at the Gospel Soundtracks Store are all quality, name brand product on music CD, Karaoke and DVD audio format. We are always the low priced leader so you can be assured the best in Christian Music Tracks for professional music singing, church music ministry songs and for fun at home.

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    Christian Accompaniment Tracks from The Gospel Soundtracks Store make your music ministry rehearsal and performance during your church worship service professional sounding and easy to accomplish your best.

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  • The BEST Quality Gospel Accompaniment Tracks -

    You can always trust us to deliver only the quality of genuine, manufactured Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Gospel Soundtracks from the best Gospel and Christian Sound Track name brands such as Daywind.

    Only GENUINE studio CDs! We never offer inferior downloads or burned discs from compressed audio.

    Always the real studio quality product direct from the accompaniment track manufacturers.

    Our MISSION = Highest Quality + Lowest Prices

    It is now

    Christian Accompaniment Tracks Discount Super Store

    Our MISSION = Highest Quality + Lowest Prices
    The Gospel Soundtracks Store is a specialty Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Gospel Music Soundtracks Super Store. We carry only the finest NAME BRAND Christian Accompaniment CDs, DVD, Christian Karaoke and all types of Gospel Music Accompaniment Backing Tracks, Trax and Christian Soundtracks. Best Quality Christian Soundtracks

    Gospel Soundtracks and Christian Backing Tracks are fun and easy to use.

    Your favorite Gospel and Christian Music to sing with for all ages and styles.

    Gospel Soundtracks of many styles.

    Christian Soundtracks for Any Occasion
    Thousands of titles and growing!
    Nashville - Music City USA

    All Christian Tracks at Discount Prices

    The Gospel Soundtracks Store has thousands of accompaniment Gospel Soundtracks ready to ship to you. We carry only the best, trusted brands in Christian Backing Tracks such as Daywind, Master Tracks, Praise Hymn Series, You Can Sing Gospel, original artists and popular albums in 'split tracks' format plus more all at great discount prices. Christian Accompaniment Tracks you can trust.

    Take your time and browse our many categories of Christian Accompaniment Tracks.

    Christian Accompaniment Tracks for All Occasions

    We work to bring you a large and diverse selection of Gospel Soundtracks and Christian Accompaniment Music Tracks for you to choose from. It's easy to find the right Christian accompaniment tracks and Christian Soundtracks you are looking for. Special occasions are our specialty! From weddings to holidays to Christian Karaoke, you will find it here and at discount prices.

    We've heard the same story from our new customers many times; after church on Sunday, the music minister or Pastor asks you to do a certain special song for a Sunday worship service. We understand you need to find your music quickly and conveniently. We understand that it's simply impossible for local stores to stock a large number of Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Gospel Soundtracks. But The Gospel Soundtracks Store can! To most Gospel Music Stores and Christian Bookstores, Christian Accompaniment Music and Gospel Music Tracks are a meticulous afterthought. Christian Accompaniment Tracks are our specialty and joy!

    Your favorite Gospel Accompaniment Music Styles

    Your favorite Gospel Music track styles are here! All Gospel Soundtracks titles in our catalog are in accompaniment music form for singing or solo instruments.

    New Accompaniment Music Track Titles and new additions are all found in our New Additions catagory. New titles for Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, Contemporary Christian and many other Gospel Music styles are added very frequently. We do add to our discount catalog during different times of the month and each new accompaniment soundtracks title is kept listed in the New Additions category for at least 30 days.

    Complete projects, full albums and split tracks have their own accompaniment music category. These are full albums in accompaniment soundtracks form and special 'split track' albums of popular music collections such as the 'America's 25 Favorite' series. These can be played as regular listening albums or used as Christian accompaniment tracks. Also, double accompaniment CD projects from artists such as Steve Amerson are featured. These are double CD collections where one CD is the entire original studio album and the other CD is the same original studio tracks minus the lead vocals in Christian Accompaniment Tracks style.

    We have a great selection of Wedding Accompaniment Music. Popular Christian Soundtracks, wedding karaoke and love songs that are perfect for that special wedding song.

    Your Favorite Contemporary Christian Accompaniment Tracks are right here! Great new songs made popular by artists such as Third Day, MercyMe, FFH, Avalon, 4 Him, Kathy Troccoli, Ray Boltz, Jaci Velasquez, Bebo Norman, Rachel Lampa and many more. Fantastic arrangements in multiple keys that are true to the originals plus a good selection of original studio accompamiment tracks.

    A huge selection of Southern Gospel accompaniment tracks favorites abound. Songs from Southern Gospel artists such as The Gaither Vocal Band & Gaither Homecoming, Gold City, Brian Free, Nelons, Perrys, Goodmans, Greater Vision, Hoppers, Steels, Ruppes, Crabb Family, Tony Gore & Majesty, Dixie Melody Boys, Freemans, Jessica King and of course many more great songs from great Southern Gospel artists.

    The Best in Black Gospel songs and Urban Gospel accompaniment music greats are here! A very large selection of Gospel songs made popular by soulful artist such as The Winans, Sandra Payne, Candi Staton, Richard Smallwood, Kirk Franklin, Andrae Crouch, Mary Mary, Helen Baylor, Babbie Mason, Yolanda Adams, John P. Kee, Christianaires, Barnes & Brown, GMWA, Commissioned, Mississippi Mass Choir and Lejuene Thompson just to name a few.

    Praise and Worship accompaniment music is well represented at GospelSoundtracks.com with all of your favorites. Perfect for church gatherings or private singing, your favorite songs as Christian accompaniment tracks made popular by Brownsville Worship, Avalon, Ray Boltz, Wayne Watson, Rachael Lampa, Chris Rice, Sandi Patty, Steve Green, Newsong, Clay Crosse, Kim Boyce, Rich Mullins, Bob Carlisle, WOW Worship, Integrity, Steven Curtis Chapman, Steve Camp, Dallas Holm, Carman, Tammy Trent, Point Of Grace, Darlene Zschech, Amy Grant and many more great Praise And Worship songs. Many favorite Gospel songs in accompaniment music track format,

    Inspirational favorites are plentiful from artists such as Mike Adkins, Karen Wheaton, Quinton Mills, Ann Downing, Vern Jackson, The Cookes, Spencers, Larnelle Harris, Twila Paris, Betty Robinson, Steve Amerson, Kenneth Copeland, John Starnes, Lanny Wolfe, Lulu Roman, Easters, Inspirations and When Men Pray to name just a few Inspirational artists' music available.

    Fun Christian accompaniment music for Kids and Children are right here! Christian accompaniment tracks of all the popular songs that bring smiles and teach the hearts of kids can be found. Daywind Kids, Amber Thompson and other classic favorite songs are well represented in accompaniment music tracks form.

    Country and Bluegrass Gospel favorites that are hard to find as accompaniment music tracks in stores are easy to find here. Made popular by Randy Travis, Walt Mills, Cumberland Boys, Kenny Chesney, Glen Campbell, Squire Parsons, James Payne, Del Way, Mike Purkey, Leann Rimes, Rick Vanshelton, Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Lee Greenwood, Johnny Cash, Jack Greene, Bob Carlisle, Ponders Sykes & Wright, Grandpa Jones, Hee Haw Quartet, Tammy Cochran, David Patillo, Primitives, Chuck Wagon Gang, Lewis Family and many more. Your best source for Christian Country and Bluegrass Gospel accompaniment music tracks.

    Don't forget Holiday Music! Christmas accompaniment music tracks abound from all your favorite artists and traditional arrangements. Beautiful Easter soundtracks in all the popular styles and traditional hymns also. For those days of American patriotism such as Memorial Day and the 4th Of July also have their own special category as accompaniment tracks. You will also find other special occasion accompaniment music on CD for Mother's Day and Father's Day, Baby Dedications, graduation, anniversary and more.

    Traditional, Hymns and Keepsakes are all here also as Christian accompaniment tracks and Gospel accompaniment music. Selections of Choral groups also. Just about any style or occasion, we strive to meet your needs.

    On times of need where there may be an unexpected loss in your family and a special song is needed quickly, we are here to help. We do have a special Funeral category with appropriate selections for accompaniment music. Fully scored and orchestrated versions of Christian accompaniment tracks promote a sense of honor to these services.

    The Gospel Soundtracks Store will always strive to meet your needs for Christian accompaniment tracks. The first store to specialize in Gospel Soundtracks, Christian Accompaniment Music and Christian Soundtracks, we continually strive to do our best to serve each of our customers whether you order just one or hundreds of titles. We supply many church music ministries with their music library needs to the professional singing artist on tour around the world to the individual enthusiast every day. Our trusted quality, name brand Christian Accompaniment Tracks will make your singing special and professional no matter the occasion. You can find you accompaniment music format from accompaniment studio CDs, Christian karaoke to the new accompaniment music DVD format.

    We always look forward to serving you!

    Christian Accompaniment Tracks from The Gospel Soundtracks Store are easy to use. They are designed to play in standard CD players. Just select the track on the soundtrack CD in the key that best matches your voice and you are good to go!

    Our professional name brand Christian Accompaniment Tracks on CD sound superb in you church sound system. You can use the same CD disc to rehearse at home, while driving your car or anywhere and then use it for your special music performance in your church service.

    Our Christian Music Tracks make the Minister of Music and church Music Director's task of accompaniment for the church choir, praise team, vocal ensemble or solo singer much better to achieve the best sound and quality for their church service. Having a selection of Christian Music Soundtracks and Christian Accompaniment Tracks on hand to draw from makes selection for special music solo singers a real pleasure and fun. And because we offer the best discount prices for name brand Christian Accompaniment Tracks on CD means you get more music for your church budget.

    Christian Accompaniment Tracks come in a large variety of Gospel Music styles. But no matter what style you choose from Contemporary Christian, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel Music and many more, you can always be assured that all our Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Accompaniment CDs and Christian Karaoke are always high quality, trusted name brands at the best discount price.

    Christian Soundtracks are found in an astounding number of music styles on CD here at the Gospel Soundtracks Store. Christian Accompaniment Tracks, Gospel Trax and Southern Gospel Music Accompaniment Tracks are among the most popular. As we are always the low price leader with Christian Accompaniment Music CDs, you can be assured of always the best discount for your church music ministry, professional accompaniment music singing or for just your own personal fun.

    Be sure to see our helpful information pages. We desire to well inform our customers on how Christian Accompaniment Tracks function and the ways to use Christian Soundtracks. For example, Christian and Gospel Split Tracks are an excellant way to learn and use these Christian Backing Tracks. At the menu to the top left, you will find links to helpful information on all about Christian Accompaniment Tracks, Christian Music backing tracks and Gospel Music Trax to assist you.

    Christian Karaoke Music Tracks are music discs of a special format that allow playing in Karaoke Music players. The result is similar to Christian Accompaniment Tracks as they are also used for accompaniment music singing. We have a special accompaniment music category for Christian Karaoke as well as being found in the various Christian Music and Gospel Music accompaniment tracks categories.

    Gospel Soundtracks are the easy way to sound professional in any situation. Christian Accompaniment Tracks are convenient to use to rehearse and perform during the worship service during Special Music portions of your church service.

    We look forward to serving your Church Fellowship and Music Ministry just as we serve countless thousands of churches across The United States of America and around the world.


    Your Trusted Name Brand Gospel Soundtracks and
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    Always the LOW PRICE Leader

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    You can ALWAYS trust The Gospel Soundtracks Store to provide the BEST Quality genuine manufactured Gospel Accompaniment Tracks, Gospel Soundtracks and
    Christian Accompaniment Tracks.

    Christian & Gospel Accompaniment Tracks
    from The Gospel Soundtracks Store


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    Gospel Soundtracks and Christian Accompaniment Tracks on CD disc provide a demonstration of the song title with a vocal in order to learn and reference the song.

    More selections for the song are provided on the disc with the lead vocal removed. With many of the accompaniment tracks titles along with the song provided in several keys, there can be a mix of the song with and without background vocals if the original song contained them.

    This option works well for the solo singer to use the track mix with the background vocals included. For a vocal group, the track mix without the background vocals on the accompaniment track can be used.

    Gospel Soundtracks generally provide many options contained on the CD disc. This assures the accompaniment tracks you purchase will be useful for years to come.

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