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What are Gospel Soundtracks and Christian Accompaniment Tracks ?


What Are Christian Accompaniment Tracks ?


Christian Soundtracks and Gospel Tracks:

Christian Accompaniment Tracks are known by many terms. Sometimes they are known as trax or traxx. In the Christian Music circles, church services and Gospel Ministries, Christian Accompaniment Tracks are known as Christian soundtracks or Gospel soundtracks. In the UK they are often called Christian Backing Tracks. Many users of Christian accompaniment tracks in worship services call them Christian tracks or Gospel tracks. Whatever the name or term, Christian accompaniment tracks are one in the same.

christian-accompaniment-tracks-music-magazine-guyChristian Karaoke may be a different format of Christian tracks. Karaoke refers to a special playback disk known as CD/G and plays on special karaoke players. Daywind Music offers Christian soundtracks on DVD and karaoke. This type of karaoke can be played on standard CD players as well as karaoke players.

Christian Accompaniment Soundtracks are essentially the same effect as karaoke as karaoke is similar to Christian tracks. They are all used for accompaniment singing. Christian tracks are in the format of a standard CD where multiple mixes of a particular song are on each CD. This gives a variety of choices for the singer as well as different singing ranges.

Christian Tracks are more than just a popular song with the lead vocal removed. On the most part, Christian accompaniment tracks provide more than one mix of a song on each CD title. They are very flexible for use in many singing situations. The same CD title can be used for either a solo singer or a vocal group simply by selecting the appropriate track on the CD.

Christian Accompaniment Tracks can be used in a worship service with congregational singing, for a traveling music ministry, fun at home and playing in your car CD player to make long trips more fun.


Performance Tracks 101 ~

These are the usual basic characteristics of Accompaniment Tracks:

– Studio Tracks are on an Audio CD disc

– There is a demo track of the song track with lead vocal for learning

– There is a track(s) without the lead vocal for live singing

– There are two or three tracks without lead vocal in different keys

– There can be duplicate tracks with background vocals for solo singers

– There can be duplicate tracks without background vocals for vocal groups

– One disc has several tracks with different mixes as indicated above

ORIGINAL STUDIO ALBUM discs generally have only 2 tracks: the original album mix and then a mix without vocals. Because it is the original album recording there is only one key (the original)

Other formats on disc are available including KARAOKE CD-G and AUDIO DVD


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