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ALERT ! Downloaded Christian Accompaniment Tracks found to contain Computer Virus

Christian Accompaniment Tracks Music Magazine Tech Notes Viruses Found in Downloaded Christian Accompaniment Tracks ! There have been several computer viruses found in downloaded Accompaniment tracks. It has been reported that two songs specifically have been identified and confirmed so far. These are “Calling Us To Believe” and the song “Heaven’s Door”. There are also […]

Using Good Microphone Techniques

Your Voice is a Musical Instrument ~ Learn how to play it ! – By: Nashville based Media Producer Tony Rollo The guitarist has a guitar. The pianist has their piano. Vocalists have their VOICE. To begin with, it is best to start with understanding that true acoustic music is just that: it begins with […]

Downloading Accompaniment Tracks VS Studio CD Quality

Christian Accompaniment Tracks on CD Christian Soundtracks on CD vs Downloading Tracks Christian Accompaniment Tracks Music Magazine Tech Notes If quality matters, you will find this article of great value. Why do Music Downloads sound inferior to CDs and are such bad quality compared to music on CD? Do Christian Accompaniment tracks that I download […]

Using Southern Gospel Accompaniment Tracks and Christian Soundtracks for Gospel Singers

Southern Gospel Accompaniment Tracks for Gospel Singers Using Christian Accompaniment Tracks for the Southern Gospel Music Singer: Southern Gospel Music is an important and popular form of Gospel Music. Not only is it joyous in sound and highly motivational in Spirit, it’s roots are deep in American Music History. We are pleased to offer a […]

Tech Notes: How To Use Split Tracks

Using Christian Accompaniment Music Split Tracks: Written for Christian Accompaniment Tracks Music Magazine by Nashville Producer Tony Rollo ___ The particular type of Christian backing track known as Christian or Gospel split tracks is a high quality solution for many special situations. They work especially well for children’s ministry and congregational services. The difference between […]

What are Gospel Soundtracks and Christian Accompaniment Tracks ?

What Are Christian Accompaniment Tracks ?   Christian Soundtracks and Gospel Tracks: Christian Accompaniment Tracks are known by many terms. Sometimes they are known as trax or traxx. In the Christian Music circles, church services and Gospel Ministries, Christian Accompaniment Tracks are known as Christian soundtracks or Gospel soundtracks. In the UK they are often […]