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ALERT ! Downloaded Christian Accompaniment Tracks found to contain Computer Virus

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Viruses Found in Downloaded Christian Accompaniment Tracks !

accompaniment-tracks-downloading1There have been several computer viruses found in downloaded Accompaniment tracks.

It has been reported that two songs specifically have been identified and confirmed so far.

These are “Calling Us To Believe” and the song “Heaven’s Door”. There are also many others suspected. Mainly these are floating around the Internet and being emailed around as “free download” songs.

MP3 file formats are the culprit. The virus code is hidden within the data and executes and affects a computer when the song is played.

It is suggested to scan all files before playing them.

If you choose to download a track for whatever reason, it is always best to do so from a reputable site. Preferably directly from the track’s production source / label. And then make sure to scan the file with the latest virus scanner.

Of course, buying manufactured, name brand Accompaniment Tracks on disc is not only the safe route, it is also the most quality choice in the sound.

Christian Accompaniment Tracks Music Magazine believes in the best quality. This means obtaining brand name manufactured discs which are not only safe, easier to use and better cost, but the best choice for a quality sound for your music library.


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